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January 20, 2018

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Site Guide
  • About. This section provides some insight into who I am including my academic vita, bio, career capstone and personal philosopy regarding real estate. Briefly, I am currently the Runstad Professor of Real Estate and Director, Graduate Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle.
  • Courses. This section presents some of the current administrative material about my courses at the UW along with selected course materials.
  • Market Watch. For the past 10 years, I have been writing a series of Financial Views articles for the Appraisal Journal. My Summer 2009 article is entitled: A Long, Hot Summer and Prospects for a Frenetic Fall. To access my prior articles, go to Market Update.Market Watch. In mid-October, I am going to be adding more current materials regarding market conditions including my commentary.
  • Retail Watch. This section provides insight into the retail property sector. It includes some of my published research along with other materials including:
    • Lessons Learned. Interested in learning about what it takes to be a successful researcher or to integrate research into your career path, check out our Lessons Learned in the Retail Watch tab.
    • Journal of Shopping Center Research (JSCR) Archives. As former editor, I wanted to preserve the intellectual contributions made by academics. This section provides full text copies of articles appearing the the JSCR from 1994 until it was suspended in 2006; 2007 articles will be added.
  • Research. Over the years, I have generated a signficant number of articles, many of which may have some relevance here and there during various phases of the cycle and others that may help build a foundation for the real estate discipline. I have added links to full text copies of some of my articles and am working to expand coverage. In some cases, I have included white paper versions of proprietary work I published when in industry.
  • Cases/Tutorials. I have decided to put some of my Cases/Tutorials in the public domain to increase exporsure and get some feedback. I may get around to packaging these in a book or other set of learning modules but don't have the time/resources to do so at this time. The section has been updated with new problem sets to test your financial acumen. These are hyperlinked files with questions and answers.
  • Presentations. I have seven local and national presentations coming up over the next several months. Check the Presentations tab for the schedule. Also, I have posted some of my past presentations in case you couldn't attend and/or wanted to review my comments.
  • Video Tutorials OnDemand. These are some experimental video tutorials I have developed for students. I will be updating these and converting them to a new format which will make them more accessible. Check back by mid-October.
  • Glossary of Real Estate. I have created my own glossary of over 3,500 real estate and related terms. Check out the Glossary Home Page where you can search for specific words or phrases or scan alphabetically through the terms. On any page, use Search on left Navigation bar to search for a real estate term.
  • Ask DrD. The objective behind this section of my site is to create a forum I can use to increase communcation and disseminate information regarding real estate and related topics. Check out my the new features of this section; graphics and interactive glossary for key words!!!!! I will be adding more interactive content and fielding questions from visitors in the future.

Contact Me

I will expand on these materials and hope to stimulate more discussion on the nature and scope of real estate. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions as to how we can advance the discipline. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please Contact Me.