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February 24, 2018

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UW Real Estate Courses: 2011-2012

I am teaching four graduate-level courses and a capstone course this year at the University of Washington. I am also a guest lecturer in the Commercial Real Estate Certificate. I use Moodle, an open-source courseware package, on my own server to host my courses and provide a technology-enhanced learning experience for my students. As such, all lectures, current readings, tutorials, cases, quizzes and related materials are available on-line to create an asynchronous learning environment. This helps increase accessibility and accommodates the different backgrounds and learning styles that characterize my interdisciplinary pool of students. It also facilitates teamwork and collaboration which complements individualized learning. The site also includes discussion forums and other materials including my Glossary of over 4,200 real estate terms as well as some interactive tools. The following is a brief synopsis of my courses in reverse chronological order.

If you have questions, please Contact Me. Click here if interested in the University of Washington's Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) or Real Estate Specialization degree programs.
CRE 2011: RE Market Analysis

On October 13, 2011 Terry Grissom and I were guest lectures for the Commercial Real Estate Certificate program offered through UW Educational Outreach. We covered market analysis from a broad spectrum including: macro-market analysis, market analysis theory, and applied micro-market analysis. Our lecture materials (without animations) included:

Fall 2011 Real Estate Course Spotlight

Current Offerings: Fall 2011


URBDP 598: Real Estate Forum

Thursday: 12:30-1:20
Paccar Hall, Rm 294
Prof. DeLisle

This is a speaker series which is designed to introduce students to leading real estate professionals. Each speaker will introduce themselves and/or colleagues, and their career path, their company and what they're up to in the current market. They will also make recommendations to students as they start their academic studies and prepare for successful careers in real estate and related firms.

See the table below for a detailed schedule and hyperlinks to speaker bios and corporate websites. This is an open enrollment, service course to advance interdisciplinary inquiry in real estate.

Click on names below to link to Firms


Real Estate Forum Schedule

Perspective/Link to Presentation
Mike Pyatok Architecture Pyatok Architects
Bates McKee Appraisal McKee & Shalka  
Matthew Gardner Economics & Consulting Gardner Economics    
Tayloe Washburn, Jeremy Ekert
Legal Issues, Land Use Law Foster Pepper PLLC      
Jim Bowles Brokerage, Real Estate Services CB Richard Ellis | Brokerage        
Bill Pollard Private Capital Investment Talon Private Capital          
Global, Capital Management Prologis            
Kemper Freeman, Jim Melby Retail & Multi-use Development Kemper Development              
Tom Parsons Development & Investment Opus & Holland Residential                
Bill Lewis Construction Lewis Crutcher Lewis                  

As of October, 2011


Real Estate Process Details

URBDP 552: Real Estate Process

MW 3:30-5:20
Rm 435 Gould Hall
Prof. DeLisle


This is a required real estate course that serves as the gateway to other real estate course offerings. The course is comprised of four major components: text, readings, lectures and a team-based project. The metrics include a series of quizzes, a formal project presentation, a formal project report, and a final exam.

The course exposes students to the overall real estate process, using a "site in search of a use" problem as a case study. The course objectives include helping build a foundation of real estate knowledge, master specific skill sets, and cultivate an eye toward critical thinking needed to solve a variety of real estate problems and ultimately, provide leadership to the industry and guidance for the communities in which they operate. Some of the materials are contained in the Cases/Tutorials.

Other Teaching and Outreach

If you are interested in Feasibility and Market Analysis, you might want to review some of my annotated presentations. Of particular note are:

  • "An Introduction to Feasibility Analysis." This is a link to an annotated lecture I gave to students enrolled in the Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program at Arizona State University on February 10, 2010. It presents an overview of the feasibility process and contains hyperlinks to more detailed tutorials.
  • "Real Estate Market Analysis." The is a link to a partially annotated guest lecture on Real Estate Market Analysis presented to the 2010-2011 Commercial Real Estate Certificate program offered through the UW Extension. Dr. Terry V. Grissom also participated in the session.
Upcoming Real Estate Courses: Winter/Spring 2012

Spring 2012: Feasibility Analysis and Real Estate Portfolio Management

  • Real Estate Feasibility Analysis. Real Estate Feasibility Analysis focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking and decision support for a range of feasibility problems. Since we exposed students to the "site in search of a use" problem in Real Estate Process, the feasibility course concentrates on a "use in search of a site," and an "investor in search of involvement" problem. This content ensures students develop a framework for approaching the full range of feasibility problems during their graduate real estate studies at the University of Washington.
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management. This is a capstone course for the MSRE program. It is offered in a working laboratory setting where students draw on their coursework, experience and industry knowledge to develop a comprehensive portfolio plan for a targeted investor. The students will explore the full range of investment options including public/private, debt/equity, domestic/global and core/value-add/opportunistic. The students will incorporate best practices to demonstrate their understanding of the drivers of value and performance of property types, markets and other diversification categories. They will also conduct primary market research necessary to develop recommendations that will culminate in a Portfolio Management Plan, as well as a Portfolio Policies, Implementation and Management. The course will be team-taught by Drs. Jim DeLisle and Terry V. Grissom.