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January 20, 2018

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Market Flash Polls: January 2012

Introduction. The commercial real estate market has become increasingly integrated with the economy and capital markets. At the same time due to its inefficient nature, real estate market performance is heavily based on the behavior of key players, both those directly involved in the industry and those whose actions can have a material impact on market conditions.

Given this behavioral nature, it is important to understand the "set of assumptions" that is being held by various players which will inform their actions. The objective of this page is to provide insights into market expectations through a series of Flash Polls. In addition to helping us monitor market expectations, this polling page will allow you to see how your beliefs compare to other professionals and allow you to gauge your relative bearishness or bullishness. To use the poll, just click on your response and click on the Vote Option. You will see an instant summary of results up to that point for each item. Take them all or the ones of interest to you. Please note there are 10 polls; the easiest way to fill them out is to click on your option for the first five across the screen and then select Vote. This will instantly show you the results of those who have voted including your own vote. Then, scroll down and do the same for the next set.

If you've already voted and want to check how others are voting later, or it want to see where others are at, click Poll Results Viewon the Results tab at the bottom of each poll. Then, just refresh your browser and you can Vote again. Also, feel free to share the poll with others using various social media below each poll or with the Share This icon to the top of this page.

If you have suggestions for this feature or added questions, please Contact Me.

Jan 2012 Poll Visitors
Cap Rates

Institutional RE Returns

Cap Rates in
12 months

Stock Market

Commercial Mortgage Rates

Political Outlook

GDP Growth

Retail Sales Outlook


Consumer Confidence



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