Basic Lease Calculations: 4 Multi-Step Problems (Note: your computer must support Flash to use this feature)

This quiz contains four basic calculated lease questions. You wil be given the correct answers when you finish and you can challenge each of the questions again with a new set of inputs. To start the quiz, click on Basic Lease Quiz. This will open a new window and you will be given a set of 4 problems that will be displayed one at a time. Once you have finished your calculations, enter your Answer in the box and click on the Enter to the right. Then it will let you know if it was correct and if not, will show you the Correct Answer. Then, click Next Question and you can go through each of the questions.

These problems build on basic TVM Concepts so if you need a review, go to my Tutorial on TVM. and make sure you can do the Basic TVM Quiz since many of those functions will be used in these questions. I encourage you to step back and try to dissect the problem to make sure you understand the questions. It is highly recommended that you set up a template in Excel and then you can just plug in the inputs to get the answers when you repeat the quiz. Your template also can be plugged into your "toolbox" of financial calculations for future use.

Basic Lease Quiz

If you need more help or want to learn more about leases, go to my Cases & Tutorials for Basic Lease Problems or click on Intermediate Lease Problems. These are a set of interactive problems that cover leases. They are designed to help you learn how to set up the problems. In each problem set you will be given a set of questions with a blank for your caluclations. After you have had time to set them up, you can click on Answer to be hyperlinked to the correct answer. This will also show you how to set up multi-step problems using a calculator or Excel calculations. You can then click on another hyperlink and go to the next question. To test yourself on Lease Concepts, go to my Interactive Learning module and click on the various Lease Concept links. You will be given a set of interactive problems including: Flash Cards, Pick a Letter, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Crosswords and a Glossary of terms.