Time Value of Money: 6 Functions Basic (Note: your computer must support Flash to use this feature)

This tests basic TVM calculations for the 6 Functions of $1. Click on the TVM Basic Quiz to start. This will open a new window and you will be given a set of 8 basic problems that will be displayed one at a time. Once you have calculated the question enter your Answer in the box and click on the Enter to the right. Then it will let you know if it was correct and if not, will show you the Correct Answer. Then, click Next Question and you can go through each of the questions. You can answer these using an HP10B calculator or equivalent, or Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet package. If you are going to be working on such problems on a periodic basis, I suggest you set up a template in Excel and then you can just plug in the inputs to get the answers. These templates can become part of your "toolbox" and can be used in more advanced problems. If you need more help, go to my TVM Tutorial.

When you finish all 8 questions, you will be taken to a summary sheet to show your score including: correct, incorrect and skipped questions. You can see which questions you missed and the correct answers by clicking the Review. To start with a fresh set of inputs, exit your browser window and click on the TVM Basic Quiz. -->

TVM Basic Quiz

If you want to explore more TVM concepts, go to the Interactive Learning module on my website and scroll down to the TVM section and click on the TVM Self-Assessment link. This will take you to a set of learning tools that explore the basic concepts behind the math. To go to them directly, click on one of the following links:

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