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December 15, 2017

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The real estate asset class can be subdivided into a number of categories based on its spatial and capital market dimensions. On the spatial side, we can group assets by property type and location. On the capital side we can group assets into non-institutional vs. institutional holdings, the latter of which can be further subdivided into public or private ownership structures. In terms of benchmarking or monitoring institutional real estate performance, the public side is most often tracked the the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT), while the private side is represented by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF). The objective of this page is to present the NCREIF returns; interested readers are also referred to the NAREIT returns for comparisons between the two ownership structures.

The NCREIF Property Index is comprised of quarterly returns broken down into total, capital, and income. The series is an appraisal-based system, with market values determined by quarterly appraisals undertaken to ensure assets are marked to market. The returns include leveraged and unleveraged assets, although the leveraged assets have been deleveraged to provide a more accurate picture of property level returns. For more information, viewers are referred to the official NCREIF site for a detailed explanation of coverage and methodology. To more fully understand the underlying data, viewers should review the Real Estate Information Standards (REIS) developed by NCREIF and several related trade associations.

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Make sure to scroll down to see complete NCREIF return series organized by property type and subtype. The data include tables and graphs extending back to 1978.


Note: Since this is a long list, scroll down to see individual categories. They are each presented as an image and can be copied by right clicking your mouse and then pasting elsewhere.

NCREIF Property Type Categories

To View All NCREIF Property Types:

The property type and sub-type categories include:

All Retail

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All Office

All Industrial

Other NCREIF Categories

All Apartment

All Hotels


To jump to a category, click on the title; to return, click on "Back to Top" below each exhibit.

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All Property Type NCREIF Returns


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All Retail NCREIF Returns

All Retail

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Super-Regional Mall NCREIF Returns

NCREIF SuperRegional Malls

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Regional Mall NCREIF Returns

Regional Mall NCREIF

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Community Shopping Center NCREIF Returns

Retail Community

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Neighborhood Shopping Center NCREIF Returns

Neighborhood Retail

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Retail Power Center NCREIF Returns

Power Centers

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Retail Fashion Center NCREIF Returns

Fashionon Centers

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Retail Single Tenant NCREIF Returns

Single Tenant Retail

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All Office NCREIF Returns

All NCREIF Office

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CBD Office NCREIF Returns


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Suburban Office NCREIF Returns

Suburban Office NCREIF

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All Industrial NCREIF Returns

All Industrial NCREIF

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Industrial Warehouse NCREIF Returns

Industrial Warehouse

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Industrial R&D NCREIF Returns

Industrial R&D

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Industrial Flex NCREIF Returns

Industrial Flex Properties

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Industrial Manufacturing Facility NCREIF Returns


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Industrial Office/Showroom NCREIF Returns

Industrial Office/Showroom

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Industrial "Other" NCREIF Returns

Industrial Other Properties

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All Apartments: NCREIF Returns-

All Apartments

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Garden Apartment NCREIF Returns-

Garden Apartments

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High-Rise Apartment NCREIF Returns-

Highrise Apartments

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Low-Rise Apartment NCREIF Returns

Lowrise Apartments

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Hotel NCREIF Returns


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