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January 20, 2018

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JRDeLisle Real Estate Glossary

Background. The real estate discipline covers a confusing array of concepts, policies and practices. Unfortunately, there is no standard source of definitions, with the interpretation of what a particular term means varying by source, context or perspective. This situation is further complicated by the fact real estate is an interdisciplinary field, and as such, draws from a number of disciplines, each with their its own jargon. Finally, the real estate industry has globalized, making it difficult to for participants from different countries to communicate in an efficient, effective manner.

Objective. The objective of this glossary is to provide standarized definitions of terms that fall under the broad real estate umbrella. It includes some of the concepts and phrases I have coined, as well as my definition of standard industry terms and concepts. Since the definitions are proprietary, I encourage visitors to look at additional sources before rendering a final interpretation. I make no guarantees or assurances that the definitions I offer in my personal glossary are accurate or consistent with industry practices. They are presented in hopes of improving market efficiency and the ability to communicate across disciplines and country boundaries and help advance the body of knowledge and state of industry practices.


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Disclaimer and Copyright

The terms and definitions presented in this website are my personal definitions and may or may not accurately reflect current industry practices or standards. I reserve the right to edit the current definitions, add or delete terms or restrict access. I have developed the terms over my career and present them in hopes of establishing a common set of concepts and terms that can lead to improved communication, market efficiency, and advancement in the body of knowledge. If you have questions or suggestions for enhancements or improvements to this feature, please Contact Me directly.